Pupa Center

Pupa Center

Mobile App Development

Pupa Bilisim is Turkey’s largest Apple Premium Reseller with 13 stores all over the country.

We’ve developed the official app for Pupa, with which the users can get the latest updates and announcements of the company, see the store locations, track their devices which are being treated by the technical service team, access their Pupanda account (Pupa’s customer loyalty program) and order Apple products online.

Proximity Marketing

To strengthen the brand’s customer relationship and create a more loyal base, we’ve deployed more than 50 iBeacons at Pupa’s 13 retail stores. iBeacons send location-based push notifications to customers via Pupa Center mobile app, only using Bluetooth as an intermediary. The company is now able to customize their messages towards their store visitors and surprise them with special offers by the help of the integration we’ve done with their CRM system.